(about shipnames) i've also seen people calling it benton ?????

oh wow really?? there’s so many names!!

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Shhhh did we survive the comic con or did we just wake up in heaven?

did this weekend even happen?? i’m still not sure ves

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Hey girl! Any idea where I could find a downloadable version of the Digital Spy interview from Comic-Con with Brett and Chloe? I really want to make a gif from it for my sidebar and you seem to be the resident Chloe/Brett expert!

hey love! okay, so i couldn’t find any downloadable version of that wonderful interview, but i did find someone who made a gifset to it. so i asked her how, and she told me she just recorded her screen. here is a program you can use to do that :)

and omg resident Chloe/Brett expert thank you ♥

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catherinechandler replied to your post:catherinechandler replied to your post:where do i…
I think the most common one is benneton :) but I like brenneton more.

it’s amazing how we have a portmanteau of chloe and brett’s first names and last names chloett benneton

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catherinechandler replied to your post:where do i find brennet interviews?
*butts in* shhhh no, it’s brenneton.


i’ve seen so many names

like we have chloett, benneton, brennet, and now brenneton

which one is it guys

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where do i find brennet interviews?

brennet? i thought it was always benneton?

okay anyway, you can find it here :)


The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he’d learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed

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ohskye winning my soul:


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Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic Con Social photobooth.

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snarkysweetness replied to your post:bretty sits up at night crying about skyeward and mel just sits there sighing like ‘i’m getting mo and jed over here to deal with this shit’
when ward slept with may he threw his script down like ‘what is this shit’ and they were like ‘shh don’t worry they’ll kiss soon’ which calmed him down

brett dalton reading 1x08’s script:

when he reads skyeward goodies:

when he’s finished reading the whole script:

did i ever tell you the story of how we got our first skyeward kiss

well it started one night in brett dalton’s house where everything was peaceful and everyone is sleeping peacefully, but then brett sat up and started crying and his girlfriend asked what’s wrong, and brett goes 'skyeward damn it' and his girlfriend’s like 'aw shit not this again' and she called mo and jed and told them to come over to fix this shit

the script for 1x17 didn’t include a skyeward kiss, but since something happened the night before filming it, mo and jed decided that brett’s girlfriend deserves some sleep, so they finally put a skyeward scene

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